Dan Finnegan and Brian Wilson at The 2001 Brian Wilson Pet Sounds Tour in Hershey, Pa. featuring Paul Simon.

    - Dan Finnegan is a self-taught singer/songwriter musician and vocalist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Inspired by a wide variety of influences,from Beatles to Classic Rock to Blues to Classical, Dan has played with various different acts across Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. He has also become proficient at studio recording and does a lot of home studio work himself. His writing and vocal versatility of switching from Beatles to Beach Boys' harmonies to Elvis is phenomenal.

His original songs such as the beautiful piano ballads "Leslie" and "There She Goes" ,the Beatlesque "Bring Me Home" and Beach Boys reminiscient "On My Way" and "What Happens To Love" ,as well as an original christmas tune "Keeep Your Spirits Up For Xmas" shows the complexity of chord structure and harmonies that Dan so often uses in his songwriting. These are available for purchase/download at CD Baby.com and at all major digital download stores on the web. Dan Finnegan music.




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Waiting For Summer & the single: Keep Your Spirits Up For Christmas. Now Featured at CD Baby.



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