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Local Singer-Songwriter Dan Finnegan

Everything You Should Know About Original Singer-Songwriter Musician Dan Finnegan

Listening to music should be about more than appreciating the sounds that are coming through your speakers. You should be able to connect with the artist and understand where they are coming from. The more you are able to relate, the more you will enjoy what you are listening to.

Original singer-songwriter musician Dan Finnegan hails from Pennsylvania and has created many musical masterpieces. Keep reading if you want to get to know the artist behind the music.

Web Design Aficionado

While it would be great for every musical artist to be able to live all of their dreams without having another career path, this is not the reality for Finnegan. He is a web designer who has successfully operated his own business for a couple of years. This shows that he is hardworking and not willing to admit to the world that he is a regular guy. In a world where smoke and mirrors win the race most of the time, this is very refreshing.

Self-Taught Artist

Music is something that truly comes from the heart. Everyone out there does not need school in order to be truly great. Original singer-songwriter musician Dan Finnegan never went to school to hone his craft. Every single note that he writes is from his own heart and mind.

You should also note that he has not had any vocal coaching either. Every bar that he sings was created from within his soul. There is no school out there that can teach someone music that has this much depth.

Musical Inspirations

There are many artists who cite all of their musical inspirations as artists who are all in the same genre. It is common to have rock musicians sing the praises of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and other influential artists. While Finnegan is very fond of classic artists, like The Beatles, he has also been inspired by artists in the blues and classical genres.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists is the reason that original singer-songwriter musician Dan Finnegan has such a unique sound. This is integral in a world where people start rock bands more often that they change socks.

Holiday Music

Most artists tend to shy away from making music about the holidays. Whether this is because they have some issues with the season or they are not feeling very jolly, it is a mistake. Creating holiday songs is a way to connect with people from all over. True enough, Finnegan has not completed an entire album that was all for the season, but “Keep Your Spirits Up For Xmas” is truly a winner.

While the commercialism of most holidays has led to tunes that are filled with lines about the items you want to buy and the tree you are going to put up, this song is for those who have not forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.

He Is On Spotify

This may sound like it is not such a big deal, but for an artist that has not graced the big stage, this is a great accomplishment. Since this music streaming service is used by people all over the world, that means that his music can spread as wide as the oceans. For an artist, this is truly a dream; one that he is having fulfilled each day.

The Home Studio

What kind of person would Original singer-songwriter musician Dan Finnegan be if he did not have a home studio? Instead of running around in a storefront studio and having limits to the number of hours he can spend creating beautiful music for all of us, he can head into his home studio and use it anytime he likes. If you know anything about music, there are sometimes epiphanies in the middle of the night, and it is great that he is able to get up then and make magic happen.


It is common to see artists burst onto the scene with ferocity then lose momentum as time goes on. This is far from the career of Finnegan. He has been on the scene for more than 20 years. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to have a career that long. There are many commercial artists that have come and gone since the start of his career, yet he is still here; making music for the world to love.


When some people think of rock music, they get this vision of hard metal hitting against more metal. Finnegan is proof that you do not have to make ear-splitting music in order for you to be classified as rock. Songs like “It’s Raining,” and “Misunderstanding,” are mellow, smooth and very easy on the ears. This is the kind of music for when you are looking to relax after a long, hard day or ready to go on a road trip with your friends.

This could have been written like a biography and listed all of the information about Finnegan that is widely available all over the Internet. The idea was to give you a glimpse into who he is as an individual instead of looking at him the same way that you look at any other artists who have ever created music in their lifetimes. He is far different from them and it is important for you to consider that when thinking about him.

Over the course of their careers, many artists start strong, then they reserve themselves to classic hits albums and boring compilations. This is not something that you will ever see from Finnegan. This independent artist certainly marches to the beat of his own drums. Yes, he has many musical influences, like the Beatles, but he is certainly not a clone of them. He is a one-man army who has been around for many years, and if he has his way he will continue making music that people will enjoy until the end of time; he is just getting started.